North Indian Cuisine
Our Menu
  1. Vegetarian Samosa (2pcs) Vegetarian Samosa
    Potatoes, green peas and spices
  2. Spinach Pakora (6pcs)
    spinach and onions dipped in a batter
  3. French Fries with Keema Curry
    french fries topped with keema curry
  4. Lamb Seekh kabaab on a Naan
    wqithg lettuce , tomato and yogurt suace
  5. Tandoori Chickken Wrap
    Choice of spinach or flour tortilla, served with lettuce and yogurt suce
  6. Chicken Tikka Masala Chicken Tikka Masala
    Cream and tomato sauce based
  7. Keema Curry
    Grass fed ground beef with peas
  8. Vegan Vegegtable Curry
    Seasonal Organic Vegetables
  9. Basmati Saffron Rice
    Butter Naan Garlic Naan
  10. Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap
    Choice of spinach or flour tortilla with safforn rice , lettuce and chicken tikka masala
  11. Bunny Chow
    sourdough bread bowl served with choice of keema curry, chicken curry or tikka masala
  12. -Dhaal - Vegan
    Indian lentils made with onions, garlic and spices