North Indian Cuisine
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  1. Vegetarian Samosa
    potato, green peas and spices
  2. Spinach Pakora
    Spinach, Onions, in a chik pea flour batter
  3. French Fries w/Keema Curry
    grass fed ground beef cooked with indian spices over french fries
  4. Lamb Seekh Kabaab on a Naan
    Ground lamb mixed with spices and grilled with red onions,lemon. Served on butter naan, fresh lettuce, tomato and yogurt suace
  5. Dhaal
    Vegan indian lentils made with spices, onion and garlic. NO STOCKS OF ANY KIND IS USED.
  6. Tandoori Chicken Wrap
    Choice of Spinach or Flour Tortilla made with grilled tandoori chicken with red onions and lemon. Seerved on a bed of lettuce with yogurt sauce.
  7. Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap
    Choice of Spinach or Flour Tortilla made with chicken tikka masala. served with basmati saffron rice and lettuce
  8. Chicken Tikka Masala
    Prepared with cream, tomato and spices.
  9. Chicken Curry
    Prepared with savory spices.
  10. Keema Curry
    Prepared with grass fed ground beef , green peas and savory spices.
  11. Bunny Chow
    Bread Bowl served with your choice of chicken curry or keema curry or tikka masala
  12. Organic Vegetable Curry
    All seasonal vegetable are sourced from the faremers market, NO STOCK OF ANY KIND IS USED IN THE PREPARATION OF THIS CURRY
  14. Ala Cart Saffron Rice or Naan
The Menu
Our Special Dishes
  1. Chicken  Tikka Massala
    Chicken Tikka Massala
    Organic chicken made with cream and tomato base with fresh ground spices. Mild to medium spicy. Served with Basmati saffron rice or butter naan
About Us

What is a "Tuck Box" ? The name reminds me of my  years in  boarding school. We were allowed to bring or our parents sent us, snacks which we kept in a room called "Tuck Room" and
 stored it in a box referred to as "Tuck Box".

With 23 years of restaurant exprience having owened and operated several restaurants in the San Francisco bay area ranging from Pizza, Pasta , Steaks and Seafood, my passion from cooking lies in my roots and brought me back to the family recipes that have been passed from generations.

Family has always been a big part of my life. When I cook for my guests, I do so with the same passion as if, I was preparing for my family.

Tuck Box is family owned and operated business offering the best quality North Indian Cuisine. All the spices are still hand milled in India and shiiped to me by my family.  We source all our vegetable, meats and chicken from local farmes and ranchers.

We are also available for your Weddings, special event catering, busines meetings and parties.

I also actively feed the local homeless people specially on major holidays . I have made it my goal to do so every year and for the past 5 years i have done so in San Francisco ,Pacifica and Santa Rosa. I have been lucky to associate with local farmers, bakeries, and ranchers, who have generously donated towards the cause.

Current Schedule

Tuesdays       Farmers Market , Petaluma
Wednesdays    Farmers Market, Luther Burbank, Santa Rosa 
Thursdays, Cooperage Brewery, Santa Rosa, 5 to 8:30pm
Fridays, The Block, Petaluma , 4 to 10:30pm
Saturdays, Farmers Market, Veterans Building, Santa Rosa
Sundays, Cooperage Brewery, Santa Rosa 1:30 to 7pm

[email protected]
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